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Angels by Kaitlyn Armijo



 By: Kaitlyn Armijo


SNRCS beat reporter


Do you ever get tired of news-especially BAD news? Like shootings, scary clowns, and robberies. Instead of the news today, I’m going to tell you a news story, not a fantasy.  Not even a story with fire-breathing dragons, and castles, but one with Angels, our angels. I believe that there are angels here on earth. Let me tell you about some of the angels at our school, Santo Niño.


At our school we pick two people from each classroom every month to be an “Angel of the Month”.

They are honored with a halo that is placed at the front of the school in the lobby. These halos are based on our school’s beatitudes. For those of you that don’t know the beatitudes for our school they are… be responsible, be respectful, be kind, be safe, and be honest. These are not the only halos you can get.


Did you or a friend do something nice for a classmate or a teacher today? Just out of gratitude? You deserve a HALO! Congratulations, you followed the beatitude, be kind! It’s an honor just to be recognized for your kindness. Sorry for having to wrap this article up, but it’s almost time for lunch. Oh, there the clock goes. See you, and until next time remember to find your inner angel.