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Cheer is a great sport for girls to be involved in; it provides physical, mental and emotional benefits for the girls.

 Cheerleading is a challenging sport that requires athleticism, strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. We incorporate stunting and tumbling into our cheer and competition routines so it’s extremely important that the girls are well conditioned.

 In addition to its physical advantages, cheerleading is also a social, team-based activity that can help improve girls' self-confidence, self-esteem, build leadership skills and learn effective communication. Cheer is also a sport that prepares girls for public speaking: getting up in front of a crowd can be extremely difficult; however, cheerleaders learn to overcome their shyness and fears by performing in front of hundreds of spectators. Cheerleading teaches important life values such as teamwork, discipline, preparation, dedication, and the value of hard work. The team must rely on each other to successfully complete their routines; and they must learn to trust one another to ensure each other’s safety – especially when stunting. All of these attributes play an important role in the lives of cheerleaders and will follow them throughout adulthood and into their relationships, families and jobs.

 Cheer is open to girls grades 3-6. There are no skill requirements to join the team. The cheer season begins in early December with cheer practices typically scheduled two days/week. The cheer team will cheer for games during the boys basketball season which is January through March. The cheer team also participates in the New Mexico Spirit Fest Challenge, a regional cheer competition. Cheer practices will increase as the competition date draws near. The New Mexico Spirit Fest Challenge takes place in mid-March. The competition ends the cheer season.