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Wrestling is a one-on-one sport that teaches an athlete how to deal with different situations in a relatively short amount of time.  When wrestling an opponent, a wrestler must rely on learned techniques and strategies to outsmart their opponent.  The skills and self-discipline that a wrestler develops while learning the sport are invaluable to the athlete. During the wrestling season, an athlete will learn a great deal about the sport, themselves as a competitor, and the dedication it takes to be a good wrestler and student athlete as well.  Wrestlers learn how to maintain their balance while moving forwards, backwards, and side-to-side.  They learn how to setup moves, execute a strategy, and finish or pin their opponent.  Wrestlers improve their coordination, increase their endurance; and become stronger and more confident with each experience on the mat.   A good wrestler is an athlete that is not only physically strong, but is mentally tough as well.  Our children are the future and they want us to be proud of them. As coaches we encourage them to try their best in everything they do and give 100% when on the mat. Come and join your Angels wrestling team this year.

 Season begins mid- February through April.

 Practices are Monday through Thursday from 3:30pm-5pm all grades welcome!