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 Calling  All Parents...

When parents get involved in their children’s education, it pays off. Research shows that children whose parents are actively involved are more likely to:

. Earn higher grades and test scores

. Enroll in higher-level programs

. Be promoted and earn credits

. Adapt well to school

. Attend school regularly

. Have better social skills

. Show improved behavior

. Graduate and go to college


That's not all. One two-year study found that formal involvement in parent-school activities, including

participating in the parent group and volunteering at school, had a stronger positive link to literacy skills than any other variable. Another found that when parents are involved at school, students go further in school and the schools they go to are better. A third study revealed that eighth-graders with involved parents performed significantly better in all subject areas, and especially math and social studies.


Other research has shown that students with involved parents have better motivation, higher self-esteem, and are less likely to use drugs and alcohol. And the more that parents participate, the better their children perform.


Parent involvement has important effects on schools, too. Strong parent involvement leads to better school facilities, better teacher and staff morale, better learning programs, and more

resources overall. Happier, better-behaved children getting better grades, scoring better on tests, and improving their chances to go on to higher education. Schools with happier teachers, better facilities, and more resources. That's the power of parent involvement!

How You Can Get Involved

Won’t you join us in our efforts to make our school better and create a better educational experience for our children? Involvement doesn’t mean devoting all your free time to the school. Just an hour or two a semester can really make a difference. We’d like to hear from you!


Contact: Helen Quintana (