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Why SNRCS? » Transportation


After leasing school transportation from an outside company for the first few years of our existence, our Pastors’ Council approved the purchase of a new bus. We were blessed to have our new 2013 International RE Series School Bus delivered in July 2012.

We recognize parents depend upon their children’s school bus to safely deliver them to and from school every day and on every field trip.  As a result we spent countless hours working with a transportation retail outlet on designing a bus that would best fit our school environment.  From bumper to bumper and roof hatch to pavement, our bus model earns high marks in safety, comfort and reliability. 

With the names of our eight parishes along with the Archdiocesan Crest embedded on the top portion of this bus, it’s easily identified as part of the Santo Nino community. 

So why not? With a very convenient route for our families, it's an easy decision to sign your student up for the bus and ease your morning and afternoon commute.