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Why SNRCS? » Safety


Our school has a safety plan in place in order to respond to possible emergencies in an effective and expedient manner. We provide training and drills for staff on what role they play in the unlikely event an emergency occurs. For example, fire drills, evacuations, shelter in place and lock down drills take place on a regular schedule throughout the school year. We have a relationship with local Fire and Police departments and continue to offer them our building for training purposes.

Every visitor from parent to delivery driver must be visible and acknowledged by staff through a camera system prior to electronic doors releasing and opening. Visitors then are required to report to the school office, sign in, and secure a visitor badge before proceeding to classrooms or areas of responsibility. This policy is strictly enforced.

We believe that safety is paramount to academic learning and other development and that all of our students have a right to feel safe in the school environment. Our school has bullying and harassment policies which include help and consequences for both the victim and the offender.

Educational training is offered each year for our teachers, principal and staff on the best practices in addressing such topics as: bullying behavior, harassment and classroom management techniques. These educational trainings include ways our educators can prevent and intervene on unwanted high risk behaviors, as well as, promote and encourage asset behaviors in youth.

All Archdiocesan employees and volunteers working with students are mandated to attend the Abuse Awareness Program which includes a background review prior to volunteering in any capacity in classrooms or school-sponsored programs and activities.