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Why SNRCS? » The SNRCS Difference

The SNRCS Difference

You may be asking yourself, “What is the difference between Santo Niño and other schools in the area?”  This is an important question.   Although Santo Niño is fortunate to be the most cost effective private school in the area, due to our support from the Catholic Church and our fantastic community fundraising efforts, it still is not free.  For many parents it is hard to take on the extra cost of sending their student to Santo Niño or any private school.  Here are a few fundamental reasons that we hope provide you with the incentive to send your student to the best educational institution that you can.  We believe that institution is Santo Niño.

Community:  Santo Niño is built on community.  Our teachers, parents, and students work in concert to provide the most well rounded and wholesome educational environment that we can.  Our students not only learn to count, read, and play musical instruments, but also how to be a good citizen, a good son or daughter, and a charitable person.

Safety: Our school is extremely safe!  Due to our close knit community and character based education our school is well informed and actively dissuading bullying, negative behaviors, and peer pressure.   Our children learn to cooperate and be kind to one another.  Due to our small classroom size and experienced teachers when problems do arise they are swiftly resolved and hopefully we learned even more from the experience.

Academics:  Our goal is for all our students to leave Santo Niño two grade levels above.  This is very often achieved through our challenging Archdiocesan curriculum and our interwoven fabric of teacher development, administrative leadership, and student inclusion.  Santo Niño is a collegial school.  That means that we share the responsibility for growth with everyone in our community.  Therefore Santo Niño is constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of our students and parents.

Technology:  We are blessed with the most modern and well taken care of school in Santa Fe.  Each classroom is outfitted with smartboards, student computers, and audio learning connections.  We have two computer labs for online student learning.  We incorporate accelerated math, accelerated reading, IXL Math, renaissance learning, scantron performance series, and much more into our daily lessons.

Extracurriculars:  For a Pre-Pre K to 6th grade school we offer a lot of extracurricular activities.  We have basketball teams, wrestling, dance, cheerleading, swimming, chess club, writing club, HW clubs, and much more.  All of these activities are supervised by wonderful and committed teachers and parents.