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Accelerated Math Accelerated Math is a comprehensive math program that is utilized in about 1/2 of our classrooms.  If your student is in a classroom that uses Accelerated Math then they will have the ability to work online at home.  Follow up with your student's teacher to provide at home challenge for your student.
IXL Math IXL Math is one of our school's online learning programs.  About 1/2 of our teachers utilize this program.  If your student is in a class that utilizes IXL Math you can use this link to access the program online, for fun, and to improve or challenge your student's math skills.
Kahn Academy Kahn Academy is a wonderful resource for both students and parents.  Although Kahn Academy offers a lot of practices and conceptual training, it's main strength may be its extensive library of video tutorials with master teachers.  If your a parent who might need some help explaining a math concept from time to time, this is the place for you!
Starfall Starfall is a wonderful Kindergarten and Pre-K program that can help students with number skills and reading skills. Starfall is simple to access and easy to get started.  If you need help gettin started email your Kindergarten or Pre-K teacher.
Xtramath Xtramath is a math facts challenge online program.  It is extremely helpful in supporting a student's math fluency.  A student's math fluency will greatly improve their ability to comprehend concepts as they become more difficult through out the years. If you do not have your student's username and password please contact your student's teacher via email.